About Wear Your Game

We love capoeira. It has enriched our lives beyond the roda in so many ways. We want to show the world the beauty of capoeira’s art and culture. We design apparel to wear beyond the roda so that other people can see the game. Our game. Capoeira belongs to no one but we are each a part of its expression. We all contribute to the whole. The game of capoeira is the game of life.

We want to wear our game.


About Capoeira

On the surface, capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that encorporates fighting, dance, acrobatics, singing, instruments, community, and culture. Some people call it ‘dance-fighting’ or martial arts mixed with breakdancing because of some of the acrobatic moves. One capoeira professor says  ‘capoeira is life’. In the roda we play or ‘joga’, and the way we play the game shows who we really are.

An important aspect of capoeira is the concept of ‘malicia’. To have malicia is to understand the game of life…both within and beyond the roda. Having malicia lets you understand others, yourself, and the balance of the game.

The beautiful paradoxes of Capoeira (a dance and a fight, a smile with a kick) inspire us at Wear Your Game. Capoeira is a form of expression. Another beautiful paradox; to express yourself you must understand yourself… but to fully understand yourself you must continuously express yourself. It is this idea of circular expression and understanding, back and forth, that inspires and guides our direction and designs at Wear Your Game. Our capoeira clothing is expression for capoeiristas beyond the roda.

In the United States capoeira is evolving into an art that is practiced by both Brazilians and non-Brazilians. The skillful Mestres do an incredible job of making capoeira accessible to this new audience while at the same time preserving the culture and traditions of the art.

The best way to learn more about capoeira is to visit a local academia and try a few classes. Then come back and try some more.

Know yourself, express yourself, wear your game.